50 Random Questions (9-20-2007)

1. Taco Bell, Chipotle or Baja Fresh?
None of the above thank you.

2. Current Favorite song?
Say What You Mean

3. AIM Screen name?
Don’t have AOL. I do have yahoo however, but if you want my screen name you have to say pretty please first.

4. Would you change your senior prom date if you had the chance?
Not at all. I have very sweet memories of prom.

5. Skim or Whole Milk?
In my latte you mean?

6. Did you have chicken pox as a kid?
Yes indeed. I was young so I don’t remember much. Just my Aunt bringing me play-dough to keep my hands busy, but she didn’t want to catch it so she came to my bedroom window.

7. Price of gas you last paid for?

8. Wild night of clubbing or hot movie date in front of the fire?
wild night of hot movies?

9. What’s your highest bowling score?
I am guessing in the 86 range? I was never a good bowler despite my fathers best attempts to stop me from turning my wrist.

10. Ever signed onto Myspace and under New Cool People, seen someone you know?
No..does that somehow make me uncool?

11. Have you ever had a red headed slut?
Probably safest not to answer this one.

12. Worst police-related experience?
Completley incompetent local police with no concern for the safety of an infant.

13. Next concert and with whom?
Rush with Scott

14. The movie you think everyone needs to see?

There is one documentary on 9/11 that I found to be incredibly awakening.

15. The reason you’re at your computer right now?
Taking a break from doing research on endocrinology

16. Would you track your kids with a microchip?

17. Do you own a nalgene bottle?

18. Favorite sentimental song?
Annie’s Song

19. Favorite accent on someone of the opposite sex?
Sweet soft southern drawl…*sigh*

20. Last time you used your car horn?
Last week, but it was completley unintentional and potentially embarrassing.

21. Did you buy your computer from Dell?
Nope, but I have in the past.

22. Scariest movie as a child?
Children of the Corn. My dad let me watch it with him..and in all the scary suspenseful parts he would lunge at me from nowhere. Despite my tears I was apparently a great source of amusement for him.

23. Do you do your own laundry?
mmm…define “do”. I am quite good at putting it through the machines…putting it away properly is another thing entirely. I am the queen of laundry putting away procrastination.

24. hip hop, or rock?

25. Your pick to win the World Series of 2007?

26. Your favorite soft drink?
I almost never drink soda, but if I did it would be Dr. Pepper.

27. Steak or Shrimp?

28. Cubed ice or crushed ice?

29. Favorite piece of clothing?
My jacket.

30. Favorite 80s Group?
Bon Jovi of course.

31. If you could go to any concert tomorrow, who would you see?
This is a horribly unfair question. I couldn’t possibly choose.

32. Do you own a planner?
No. I live by the calendar in my cell phone.

33. Gym buff, or do you think working out is over-rated?
I love the gym when I go there, but I don’t get to go as often as I would like.

34. Which do you notice first (girls) chest or arms (guys) chest or butt?

Smile….but I protest this question on the grounds it is sexist. Why would a girl notice chest and arms…not chest and butt? Only men look at butts? Maybe men look at arms too. geez now I need to go to the gym.

35. Can you keep a beat/dance?
Yes I can. I am as musical as a bird..except I can’t whistle a tune. Not a recognizable one anyway.

36. Favorite brand of beer?
I hate beer. If you made me choose I would pick the prettiest bottle and that is just too girly so I will say I don’t have a fave.

37. Do you play the bounce in beer pong?
Considering my last answer I would have to say no.

38. How many times has your profile been viewed?
100 something

39. Favorite McDonalds menu item?
Iced Tea

40. Walmart or Target?
Target. Being surrounded by all that bright red makes me feel powerful and aggressive and I just fill up my cart without a care.

41. Are there dirty dishes in the sink right now?
No, but the dishwasher is full of clean dishes waiting to be put to bed in the cupboard.

42. Can you line dance?
Actually yes. When I was 14 my friend and I went with her parents weekly to a line dancing club. We were the only ones there under the age of 40 but we had alot of fun. We even performed in parades.

43. Do you own a TI-83?
I’m a TI-36X girl

44. Most hated class in High School?

45. Ever got into a heated debate over religion?
No. I know what I believe. I see no point in trying to convince or be convinced of something else.

46. Elephant or Donkey?
Personal choice issue by issue.

47. What time is it?
10:30 pm

48. Elaborate why you have the song you do on your profile?
 It reminds of the time I saw them live at the Showbox.

49. Favorite item of clothing on the opposite sex?

50. Missing someone right now?


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