American Idol (3-12-2008)

      Seeing as my name is not Simon, you probably don’t care at all what I think, but I love American Idol. I don’t watch too much TV but American Idol makes me happy. It just does. Some years are better than others, some contestants excite me more than others, but it is always interesting and fun to watch. So now we are down to the top 12…Last night was songs from McCartney/Lennon how cool is that?

So, Chikezie…he has a good voice, a Luther Vandross feel that I like, but every week for me he has been completley boring. Until this week. He came out with this fun, different, upbeat performance and I was like..Oh..that’s who he is? Now I like him much better. I hope he keeps that up. Cause smooth smoky Luther will get old real quick.

David…little cute sweet David. He is adorable no doubt. I think Paula said she wanted to “pop his head off and hang it from her rear view mirror” he was so cute. (Seriously, she needs to get off the pain meds.) He is very good too. His voice is much deeper and richer than you would expect. So far every week has been interesting and somehow special. This week he was advised to pick up the pace and stop with the ballads. He did, and it didn’t go well, he even forgot some words. He will recover though and be around for a long time I think.


David…rocking David. I love him! He sang Lionel Ritchies ’Hello’ on 80’s night, but he rocked out with his guitar which I could never have imagined would work, but it was really cool. He is just the real thing. If he went home tomorrow someone would snatch him up and record him the next day.

David…girlie David. I am not a fan. I loved his version of “Papa was a Rolling Stone” that was good. But then he sings Celine Dion and Whitney Houston songs. I don’t know. He hits the notes and all but….eh?

Jason…sweet Jason. I love him! He has a very natural 70’s singer/songwriter feel to him. His smile is infectious and he just makes me happy every time he sings.

Michael…warm Michael. I really like him. He was originally my favorite. His Bohemian Rhapsody was great…and that is a hard one to do any justice to at all. To me though, while I like the tone of his voice very much, he has had pretty boring performances since then. I am waiting for him to do something exciting.


Syesha…long tall Syesha. She looks great and is technically great. She can belt a Whitney song with the best of them, but the thing is I couldn’t care less.

Ramiele…tiny little Ramiele. She is good. Suprisingly big voice for such a little thing. She has been playing it safe so if she wants to stay around I think she should do something big.

Kristy Lee…young Kristy Lee. She is ok, she is basically a Carrie Underwood type but no where near as good. This week she chose “8 days a week” and made it into this sped up fiddle and banjo laden Bayou thing. It was awful! Simon stated it well I think. “It was like Dolly Parton on helium” She should be going home soon. No worries though, she has a solid future in singing the National Anthem at a state fair near you.

Carly…Irish Carly. I love this girl! She reminds me of Ann Wilson. She belted out “Crazy on You” and it was amazing. I think she may well win it. If not she likely deserves to.

Brooke…sweet Brooke. I love her. I don’t know that she can win it, but I think she will go far. She has a very Carly Simon, Carole King feel. She always makes me smile.

Amanda…fellow nurse Amanda. I love her. I don’t think she will win either, but she will have a record deal no problem. She is so unique and so fun. I love the bluesy Southern rock style she has…and she’s quite a dancer too. Besides, I have to root for a fellow nurse right?

So, prediction time? Who is going home next? I am thinking Kristy Lee or girlie David. One can always hope right? Do you watch Idol? What do you think? If you missed it and you want to watch you can find the performances on youtube. =)


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