Blog, Blog, Bloggity Blog (6-4-2007)

So…the start of a new blog. Usually beginnings are hopeful and this is not an exception. I am hopeful. Hopeful that I will continue to write and follow through with regular posts. As much as I love to write I have yet to continue any journaling for extended amounts of time. This has been a source of frustration and glaring evidence of my issues with procrastination. So today, June 4th 2007, I pledge to try again. I pledge to write and write often. I pledge to write, if not for you the reader, for myself. Yes, that is right. I said “for myself”. That is a larger issue I am working on and will address in a later post. So, to you my friends who follow along this journey with me, please feel free to nudge, poke, shove and kick me in whatever fashion you feel is needed to ensure I live up to my pledges. Although, that would mean I had fallen victim to a lack of self-discipline and would only continue writing to please you, which is another issue I am working on. *sigh* Ok…back to hopeful, back to new beginnings, back to new opportunities. Life is good. =)

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