Confessions of a Reality Show Junkie (7-30-2007)

Ugh….reality shows. How they prey upon my interest in people and their humanity. I can’t count how many times I have told myself..I will not watch this season of ______.  And yet I find myself half watching one episode while simultaneously catching up on email etc. and I am hooked. The prospective bachelor looking for love while locked in a house with 12 other houseguests playing relay races in the back yard in order to earn the right to go out on a date with cameras 2 inches from his face is so ridiculous and so NOT based in reality at all. Why do I waste my time I ask? Am I not smarter than the average television consumer? Do I not have slightly more intellectual desires in my viewing tastes? Apparently not. I was determined this summer not to watch Big Brother 8. I have watched probably 5 other seasons. But not this summer, not me. So I happen to catch a few minutes of the first episode and they announce the twists for this season. They are putting in houseguests who knew each other outside of the house and don’t like each other. An ex-boyfriend, a high school rival, and an estranged father who looks like Tommy Lee.*gasp* the father/daughter relationship intrigues me. Will they be enemies? Will they form a secret alliance despite their differences? They are family after all, perhaps they will agree to share the prize money and go their seperate ways? And now I spend 80 minutes a week ( I skip commercials) watching this drama unfold. I only watch it when no one in my family is around for fear of ridicule. Big Brother 8….yes that is right..8. Obviously, I am in good company, because America’s viewing habits have encouraged 8 seasons. Ok..maybe not good company, but company nevertheless.

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