Folksy Memories (6-7-2007)

So, it is nearly midnight and I am still up. I am watching the PBS special “This Land is Your Land”. It is making me very nostalgic for the Peter Paul and Mary PBS concert. I remember watching it as a kid. They still show it I believe. Does anyone else remember the animated movie that Peter made of Puff the Magic Dragon? I do, in fact I own it and the companion book. The movie told the story of little Jackie Draper who was a mute boy that doctors could not cure. One day Puff passed by his window and stopped in for a visit. Puff quickly ascertained that fear was the root of Jackie’s condition. So he tries to take Jackie on an adventure where he can face his fears, but Jackie is too afraid to go along. Clever Puff has the perfect solution. (remember he is a “magic dragon”) He makes a paper cutout of Jackie Draper, named Jackie Paper. Jackie Paper comes to life and accompanies Puff on a sea voyage where they meet giant pirates, stormy seas, and falling stars. They end up in the Land of Honnalea only to find it has been overtaken by sneezes in Puff’s absence. This is the point in the story where Puff “sadly slips into his cave”. Jackie having learned to be brave by now, confronts the dreaded sneezes to find they are not mean spirited, just miserable. (You would be too if you were just a giant nose and you had a cold) Jackie cures the sneezes with a rainstorm of chicken soup provided by the aforementioned giant pirate, returning Puff’s homeland to it’s former glory. Puff and Jackie Paper return to reunite with Jackie Draper who is cured now of his fear and is able to speak, to his parents delight and wonderment. Jackie is saddened but understanding when Puff explains he must leave to help other children, and in a puff of smoke he is gone. *sigh* I love a good story. I think I will see if I can find a copy of the Peter Paul and Mary concert online. If I believed in past lives, I would think I was a hippie girl with a guitar on an endless road trip to nowhere imparticular in at least one of them. Oh..the Smothers Brothers are on now. My Aunt Helen took me to see them at the state fair when I was a kid. All I really remember is they sang a lovely round of “Michael Row the Boat Ashore” and I wanted so badly to be able to do the same tricks as the “yo-yo man”. I also remember my Aunt laughing a lot. The Smothers Brothers are predictable and corny to be sure, but just think of how many people they have made smile. I think there is something to be said for that.


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