I’m leaving, on that 12 noon train to Portland (6-28-2007)

ok..so I am not taking the train nor am I leaving at midnight or going to Georgia for that matter. I have however had that song in my head all morning and I have been amusing my self with my Yankovic like talents switching the lyrics and all. I actually sent Weird Al a very sincere email to which he never responded but that is another topic for another day. Actually that wouldn’t be a very good topic because there isn’t much more to say about it. Anywaaaay…I am indeed headed off to Portland. I am quite looking forward to the trip. I love road trips and I haven’t had a proper one in some time. I am anticipating an enjoyable experience mostly because I haven’t planned anything except to secure bedding for the nights we will be there. The best vacations I have ever had have been spontaneous or the best laid plans have gone awry along the way. The other reason I am so very hopeful about the trip is my new ipod! I know they are nothing new, and if you are reading this chances are you have one too. But it is new to me, and I love it! If you know me, you know how I love my music. I have pretty ecclectic tastes in music so I spent way too much time organizing it all according to my moods. But how very worth it! I also went to the itunes store and spent way too much money on songs I love but haven’t heard in forever. A few new-ish songs, a few 80’s hits that I had forgotten about. (How can anyone forget Scritti Pollitti?) I downloaded a Heart album I loved (got lost in a box of cassettes at some point) so you know Anne and I will be rockin all the way to Tacoma! I was trying to remember which song off that album I lipsynched in the Lipsynch “talent” show in Jr. High. I am pretty sure it was “Never”. We thought we were pretty hot until a girl named Lisa did a Stevie Nicks song complete with dance in a long flowing skirt and knee high boots. I think she won. If she didn’t, she should have. Ok…so enough rambling on. I am off to finish packing. yay!

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