Nursing School Orientation (8-30-2007)

So I just went to my first official nursing school function. Orientation. It lasted three hours and honestly only one hour of it was solid information. The other two hours were reserved for mentor/mentee (ie: 2nd year student/1st year student) time and fear tactics. Honestly, I do not think they meant it to come across as such, but to many of us it certainly did. Some 2nd years came up to talk to us about their experience last year and give us advice. I was excited. This should be helpful, I thought….This is a great idea, I thought….What a useful resource this will be, I thought….Not so much. They spent all their time repeatedly telling us things such as…

“This may be the hardest thing you ever do….but you can do it.”

“You will feel like you are breaking down and you can’t do it…but you can. Just look at us. We did it!”

“Stay organized. You never know which book you need so just keep all 15 with you at all times.”

“You will want to tell yourself ‘it sucks to be me’ but you need to choose to have a positive outlook. It is all about choice.”

“Spend the next couple of weeks coming up with a positive mantra and post it on your mirror, your car dashboard, and your books. You will need it!”

“If you try to eat the whole apple you will choke and die, take one bite at a time and you will be fine!” ~Nursing Director

Oh..and if facts and statistics made me feel better I would have been really reassured upon hearing that last year they lost nearly 20% of the class in the first year and 35% of the last graduating class was married at the beginning and divorced by the end.


So, I am CHOOSING not to give in to fear. I am CHOOSING to have a positive outlook. I am however a little stumped trying to come up with a positive mantra. Any suggestions for happy phrases that will fit on a post-it note???????????


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