Nursing School Week 1 (10-1-2007)

So, my first week of the nursing program has passed and it’s off to week two. There are still many unknowns ahead of me, but not nearly as many as there were last week so my anxiety has lessened considerably. I think the thing that surprised me the most is the amount of expected reading. We are assigned three to six chapters a night on average. These readings can be taken from any one of my fifteen textbooks. (most of which seem to weigh 20lbs or more). The good thing is that they are very good at communicating what the expectations are. The bad thing is there are only 24 hours in a day, and while I am a fast reader, all that reading takes a good chunk of time.

 So my class schedule is:

Professional Role Development~This is where we learn the history of nursing, the legal issues surrounding the profession etc.

Nursing Foundations~This is where they teach me how to think. OH…wait..I mean where they teach me to think critically. This is also where I develop my own personal theory of nursing, and learn how to educate patients on wellness etc.

Nursing Care of the Older Adult~This is where I will learn about health challenges uniquely related to the geriatric population. (yay for practical learning!)

Dosage Calculations~This is where I learn how to read a doctor’s handwriting and what to do if I can’t. Also where I learn to convert doctors med orders into viable dosages I have on hand. A very important class. So important in fact, that if I earn anything below an A- I am kicked out of the nursing program all together. Which is only fair since I could kill someone with incorrect med dosage. But it is still some added pressure on test day.

Pharmacology~This is where I learn about meds so I know what the doctor is ordering and why. (again..yay for practical learning!)

Nursing Communications~This is where I learn how to speak, and when not to. It is teaching me about appropriate professional communications between myself and the patient. Thus far it seems pretty common sense (so I try not to roll my eyes too much in class) but I am sure it will be helpful in some manner.

Physical Assessment Lab~ This is the hands on lab where I get to learn how to do fun things such as: take blood pressure, listen to heart, lung and bowel sounds, examine eyes, ears, nose and throat, even how to take urine and stool samples. (gotta love that practical learning!)

Clinical Applications Lab~This is where I learn how to wash my hands properly and maintain sanitary working conditions among other things. (aren’t you glad they are teaching me this??)

I will also have clinicals outside of school in a few weeks which I am sure I will blog about later. In summary: I am very busy, as I expected I would be. I am nervous still about what is coming up that I don’t know about and therefore can’t prepare for. Mostly though I am excited to be on this journey. =)


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