Nursing School Week 2 1/2 (10-9-2007) here I am in the middle of week 3 and already I am getting to know my fellow classmates so well. They did tell us we would be bonded by the end of this experience. (whether we liked it or not) I assumed it would be due to the shared experiences, the shared stress levels etc. Well, that may all be part of the equation but it also extends to physical closeness as was clearly demonstrated to me today.

Today was our lab, and we were going to be covering abdominal assessments. The syllabus did mention wearing loose/comfortable clothing. Guess I should have taken the hint. I ask you ladies and gentlemen…how better to learn how to do an abdominal assessment than to strip down your partner, lay them on a patient bed, and start palpating (i.e.: digging your fingers into their tummy) for internal organs?? Apparently the answer better way, because that is exactly what we did.

Please lift the “patient’s” (i.e.: me) shirt to the level of the bra, and the lower the pants to the pubic bone to expose the “patient” (i.e. me) for the exam. Begin by inspecting the skin for any variations such as skin tone, color, scars, striae (i.e.: stretch marks) Good Lord above, am I the only one in the room who has had children???? I suppose the consolation is that I also got to play the “Nurse” on my partner, but somehow the humiliation doesn’t seem equal to the reward at all. Next week she said we get to wear patient gowns for the cardiac and respitory assessments, as well as practice the abdomen again. *sigh*

Yep..these are the dark and dirty secrets of the nursing program no one tells you about. Perhaps there is wisdom in that.


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