Nursing School Week 4 (10-21-2007) month down. (It seems like it has been so much longer! )The big event this week was our clinical orientation. We now have one more class to go to each week. We have a long list of clinicals to go to and papers to write about them. It feels a little like we were walking on a balance beam while juggling three balls, it was hard but I was just getting the hang of it and they threw me 2 more balls, and a couple of knives to add to the mix. I know it will work out, but it does feel a little overwhelming at first.



I have been assigned a family who volunteered to help the program. I have to go to their home 1-2 hours each week for the rest of the quarter and interview them. I also have to do health assessments on them like take vital signs, listen to heart and lung sounds and do abdominal assessments. Then I have to write multiple papers on things I have observed such as what stressors they have in their life and how they cope with them. I also have to write a paper on what I did each visit and we are required to keep a personal journal throughout clinicals so I have to journal my personal feelings after each visit as well.

~~Older Adult

This is an older aldult that has volunteered as well. Just like my family I have to visit them 1-2 hours per week and write all the papers etc.

~~Well Child/Baby Observation

This is a 4 hour clinical where I will shadow a doctor at the hospital performing well child check ups. Then after I have to write 5 papers about the experience in addition to the journals.

~~School Screenings

This is where I will go to a local school and perform hearing and vision tests on students all day. Then I have to write 4 papers on the experience in addition to the journals.

~~Toddler/Preschooler Observation

This is where I will observe toddlers and preschoolers in a daycare setting for a day. I will observe both so I can compare and contrast. I also get to perform blood pressure checks and other vital signs as well as listen to the little guys hearts and lungs. Then I have to write papers on the experience in addition to the journals.

~~Community Agencies

I get to choose a community agency and attend a local meeting to observe how they are educating the public about health promotion and health prevention methods. For example a diabetes education meeting where they teach diabetics about diet, exercise, and dealing with glucose monitoring. Then I have to write papers and corresponding journals of course.

~~Flu-Shot Clinic

This is where I actually get to give flu shots to people.  What better way to learn than through repetition?? *!!* =)

So that is what I will be busy doing for the next six weeks. If anyone needs me for anything feel free to call me in mid December! 😉


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