Poison Ivy (5-31-2008)

I am itchier than a kid at summer camp who rolled in poison ivy and then applied a poison sumac cream after taking a bath in poison oak. *sigh* I want it to be Summer soooo bad. Like now. Today would be good. Yesterday would be even better. I am not drooling over warm weather, beaches and sunscreen. I am not whining about the long winter or the rainy spring. I just want to be done with school for a little while. I want to get up in the morning and think..”hmm what shall I do today?” I want to say to my children for once, “yes, I do have time to play with you!” I want to put my computer away and only use it to pay bills and occaisionally check my email for messages from out of state relatives, because I will be staying in touch with local friends and family with no need for convenient email conversations. I want to go for walks, play in the sprinkler, have water fights in the back yard, and picnics in the front yard under blanket tents the kids made. I want to go to the library and read frivolous little books that make me happy and require no memorization whatsoever. I want to cook for my family and keep the laundry caught up. (OK…maybe not the laundry one..I hate laundry and let’s face it, I will not want to do laundry no matter the season.)  I want to relax on my front porch listening to the birds as the sun goes down. I want to water my plants, weed my flowerbeds, and give my rose bush the attention it needs. I want to drink gallons of iced tea, and have watermelon seed spitting contests from the back deck. I want to drive all the way to Forks with the window rolled down and the music turned up because Sydnee read about the town of Forks in a book. I want to have the time to be grateful for the things I have, the life that the swirls around me, and enjoy the people that I love. So…yeah I am itchy. But it won’t be long summer is almost here and it’s going to be a good one.  


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