Recovery (12-29-2007)

After my first quarter of nursing school it took me one week to the day to recover. I found myself sleeping 10 hours a night, and if I so much as sat down on the couch in the middle of the day, my head would fall and I would doze off like a 90 year old in the middle of regaling you with his favorite story. It was crazy. I guess I really didn’t realize how worn out I was because I didn’t have time to consider it, but when I did…wow did I crash! Then one week later we were taking my parents out to dinner for their 37th wedding anniversary and I realized I felt different. I was enjoying myself, I was RELAXED! It was almost like I had forgotten how to not be physically tense. It was great.

I was looking forward to this joyously long break, and I am grateful for it, but it hasn’t been quite as relaxing as I imagined it to be. To start with, I slept through the first week (which didn’t feel as restful as it felt comatose-like), then the next week I had to prepare for Christmas, including hosting dinner for 30 on Christmas day. I had to make lists, and shop, and wrap over 100 presents. I had to clean the house, not just surface clean…but reeeally clean, which needed to be done since it had been months since I had time for the deep stuff, but still it wasn’t how I wanted to spend my time. I had to borrow tables and chairs and rearrange furniture to make sure everyone had a seat at the dinner tables. I had to dig up old family recipes, grocery shop, cook and bake. I had to get out all the decorations and replace the broken strands of lights that didn’t work this year. I had to have the traditional annual arguement with my husband when I asked for his assistance with things when he was tired and didn’t “feel like it”. Some of those things I enjoy more than others so it wasn’t all a chore, it was however more busy work. Now that Christmas is over I think things will slow down some. I plan to play games with my kids, watch movies, spend time with some friends and do some general, honest relaxing.

Unfortunately in the back of my mind are the 30 some chapters and 30 some articles my professors suggested I read over the break to be caught up for the first day of class. *sigh* Being a classic procrastinator, I haven’t yet found the willpower to make myself read about nasogastric tube insertion when I could be playing cribbage with my daughter. I am sure I will find the time though…I have lots of break left…right?? 8 days and counting……..


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