Shine Baby Shine (4-20-2009)

So my mentor shared an interesting bit of information with me the other day. Apparently Harrison is only going to be offering 10 RN residencies this year. That’s right…10 hospital wide!  And I think one of those is on the oncology floor where I want to work. So…there are 70 of us graduating at the same time and 10 places to work on the penninsula. St. Anthony’s may have some available as well but both hospitals currently have a hiring freeze on and are cutting hours everywhere they can. Harrison had a steady inpatient load last year, but had an increase in ER visits of 8000 and an increase in “charitable” costs (in other words no insurance, no money, so the hospital eats the bill) of over 40% from last year. They just laid off 91 employees, mostly housekeeping, administration and medical imaging but a few were nurses and that was mostly due to the fact that they have closed the mental health unit completely. I honestly never dreamed that I would have to compete so strongly for jobs in this field, with such a critical shortage of nurses. Thanks economy, thanks alot!

My mentors advice to get a residency was “Shine, Baby Shine!”. Ummm yeah. How does one do that? Hope for a code so I can do CPR? Honestly, I am not sure how to stand out amongst the crowd. I know that I am going to give the best patient care I can, but I would hope my peers will be doing the same. And I really can’t do better than my best so what would make me stand out to administrators who will never really see me interact with patients anyway? My instructor’s advice was to be sure and address things that are unique to the oncology unit, like caring for the patient as well as the family and caregivers. She also pointed out that I am already doing that well, so I guess that is good. She also said I should tell everyone I see that I want to work here, so that is what I am doing. As the opportunity arises, I am having conversations with CNA’s, HUC’s, and RN’s alike telling them that I am really enjoying my time on the unit, how I appreciate the environment of teamwork that is in place, and how I would really like to work here. I also try to thank everyone who gives me an opportunity to learn. The trick here is to walk the line between sincere gratitude and enthusiasm and kiss-up. So far my mentor has volunteer to introduce me to the big boss and give me the opportunity to tell her I want to work here. I have also had an RN and a HUC/CNA who spent a day working with me, tell me on seperate occasions that they would be happy to have me working there. Hopefully that is a sincere comment and not a polite sentiment. I really just wish I had the peace of mind knowing I had a job to go to when I am done. After all that is what I have been working towards for the last 4 years! Ah well, I will just get back to work, do the best I can, hope and pray, and see where life takes me. Who knows…maybe my dream job is hiding in Olympia.


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