The sun beats down upon me and I do not feel the heat

 The wind blows upon my face and I do not feel the chill

How will I know I am alive if this numbness continues to spread

Taking over my body one sense at a time

Leaving me insensitive to the pain and the joy I once held so close

Ignorant now to the subtle changes around me

The swirls of sounds that echo in my mind as the darkness falls on me

I can still recall them and yet they fade

Slowly I watch them leaving my grasp, just out of my reach

My efforts lost to the reality of my purpose

I tread lightly and with all my patience to no avail

My rewards are few and my hope lessens

Yet my faith never waivers

My heart guides me and I follow foolishly

I begin anew focusing on the light

The light is where I long to be

Where my bare self stands silently

The water envelops my awareness

The breeze alone sways me gently to and fro

I move in time to the memories I hold dear

And I wait


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