Who Wrote This Test? (3-20-2008)

Who wrote this test??? Dick Dastardly?

So, my final in Ethics today?? So many questions were ambiguously written at best which I find ironically borderline unethical. A great example:

Who wrote the Code of Ethics for Nurses?

A: The NLN

B: The ALA Board of Directors

C: The ALA with input from other nurses

Now…A can be easily eliminated as I know it is written by the ALA. But the other two? I make the educated guess that they would ask for input from otherĀ nurses.

After the test I peruse my copy of the Code of Ethics and believe it or not on the third page in between copyright/publisher info is a list of “contributors” to the publication. There is a list of about 12 nurses with multiple little letters after their names. The first 5 say “Board of Directors” after all the other letters and the other names are starkly bare without this distinction. So, in short I picked the right answer.

But what kind of question is that? I get I should know the ALA is responsible for this collection of wisdom, but how many of them sit on the board of directors??? Why not just ask me to name the third nurse down in alphabetical order including their favorite song and whether or not they enjoy walks on the beach and good wine? Grrrrrrrrrrr

I feel confident I passed the class overall and the final (as crappy as it was). So I am going to stop venting now, and let it go. Time to focus on the Nutrition final for tomorrow. Maybe they will ask me how many Carbs Regis Philbin consumed last Thursday while dining with Donald Trump and David Letterman in a helicopter overlooking a spacious golf course.


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