Workin’ Workin’ Workin’ Soon I Will Be Workin’ (7-17-2009)

I had a job interview on Thursday for an Oncology Residency. Thanks to the recent economy, jobs for new nurse grads are few and far between. The competition for this spot is considerable. I felt honored just to be chosen for the interview. I researched the hospital and their oncology department and I really felt they would be a good fit and could be instrumental in furthering my career and continuing my education in this field. I have not interviewed for a job, and certainly not a job of this caliber in years so of course I was so nervous!My interview went very well and I was offered the position this morning! The residency is going to be intensive but I am really looking forward to it. I will recieve 3 months of general training as well as 3 months of specialized education in oncology and bone marrow transplant nursing. The company is very supportive of their nurses including encouraging us to further our educations. They are on the leading edge of cancer research, new cancer treatment trials, and community outreach and support. (The man who started the idea for Relay for Life was one of their surgeons.) For example they employ a woman from the American Cancer Society who is a “cancer navigator”. Her job is simply to help patients navigate their way through the journey of having cancer. They have a dedicated chaplain, social worker, nutritionist and pharmacist specifically for the oncology ward.  They also know that oncology nursing can be emotionally taxing so they have a quiet room for the nurses with a massage recliner, sofas etc. that I should feel free to go in anytime I am feeling sad or stressed or just need a few moments of solitude. The hospital is owned by Catholic Health so I was told during the interview that they are a faith based facility and that if I want to or am asked to I should feel free to pray with patients. =) How cool is that? Once again I am amazed at God’s provision for me. 


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